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3 Pieces of Bitcoin News on Current Trends in 2018

Bitcoin Current Trends January 2018

First Magazine Cover Featuring Bitcoin At the height of the Dotcom bubble, in the late 1990’s, virtually every magazine cover (including non-financial titles) featured some sort of Dotcom company as its main story. One could not stop by a newsstand or bookstore without noticing some story about a Dotcom in their magazine section. So, one […]

2018 Will Be Bonkers for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Christmas

If you thought 2017 was crazy for the cryptocurrency markets, then wait until you see 2018! Looking back in the year, we can see an exponential increase in the price of cryptocurrencies. Take a look at the screenshot of CoinMarketCap at the beginning of the year: Vs now: The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies went from […]

Thinking About Getting Into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies? This Is How Much Money You Should Put In Now

Bitcoin How Much Money Should You Put In

The Lottery Ticket Rule OK, imagine this: There’s a $800 Million Jackpot for Mega Millions happening tomorrow evening. How much money are you willing to put in lottery tickets within the next 24 hours for a chance to win this once-in-a-lifetime prize? Remember, if you do not buy any lottery tickets, you have zero chance […]

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